Comprehend Chinese-Character Simplification

Comprehend Chinese-Character Simplification

Comprehend Chinese-Character Simplification: Learn Traditional Chinese Characters and Simplified Chinese Characters
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This is a complete, comprehensive, and logical book for learning Chinese-character simplification. It makes mastering both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters very easy. This book fills a vacuum in the marketplace, alleviating the troubles of the people who need to learn.

In the first chapter, the author makes a concise narrative about the simplification of Chinese characters, allowing the reader to gain an overall understanding of the subject. The author discusses the two simplification measures, and the structure of "General Tables of Simplified Characters" that consists of three tables.

Chapters 2 and 3 analyze the two simplification measures, namely, reducing the number of stokes in a character and reducing the number of characters, respectively. The author systematically classifies the characters in detailed groupings based on their simplification characteristics. Then in Chapters 4 and 5, the author summarizes Tables 1 and 2 of the "General Tables of Simplified Characters" according to these classifications, explaining the simplification characteristics character by character. Chapter 6 discusses Table 3; these simplified characters are derived by the analogies of simplified characters and simplified radicals of Table 2. All the data in the book are presented in tabular form - simple, clear, and easy to understand. In addition, the “General Tables of Simplified Characters” are listed in the Appendices. Therefore, this is an essential reference book.

Regarding the measure of reducing the number of characters, for the more than two hundred characters that have been combined, numerous vocabularies are listed as examples for each character, and thus illuminating their meanings in great detail. Therefore, it is also a good book for learning Chinese characters.